Tub Grinding

Intended for large jobs, our tub grinding services in Minneapolis and St. Paul are operated by experienced, trained employees who will safely turn the largest piles of wood into beautiful, natural mulch. Our solution will help you recycle wood waste into something that can be used and renewed. We offer on-site or off-site grinding with short lead times.

The old saying "You can only be as good as your tools" holds true even today. In additional to skilled tradesmen and quality machines, our equipment is certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for treating EAB infested wood.

Our tub grinding services in the Twin Cities are perfect for:

  • Storm debris clean up
  • Recycling pruning and other wood debris
  • Municipal compost and mulch programs
  • EAB tree disposal
  • Slash piles
  • Logging debris
  • Log yard waste
  • On site/Off site grinding
  • Custom grinding
  • Bio-mass fuel

Recycling wood waste with S&S Tree is an easy and convenient way to take of your wood debris piles. Contact S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists for tub grinding services in the Twin Cities today by calling 651-451-8907.

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