Emerald Ash Borer Treatment in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

In May 2009, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was discovered in St. Paul, MN. This invasive insect has been overwhelming communities and homeowners throughout the Midwest (Michigan and Ohio in particular) and changing the very landscape of our urban streets.

EAB can devastate a population of beautiful ash trees. Minnesota has one of the largest populations of ash trees in the US (over 900 million), so we have a lot at stake!

Will the Emerald Ash Borer spread?
Yes, EAB can and is spreading. You can view verified findings of Emerald Ash Borer in your area here. State-imposed quarantines will help slow the spread, as long as they are followed. Quarantines restrict the transporting of infested limbs and branches to eliminate the use of these trees as firewood or using un-composted ash chips outside the quarantine area.

How do I prevent the spread of EAB? What are the quarantine specifications?

  • Don’t transport firewood. Only purchase MDA Certified Firewood. For a list of certified firewood producers, click here.
  • If trees are less than 4″ dbh, you may want to consider replacing the tree in the next several years with another tree variety.
  • Treat high valued trees with an environmentally safe product.
  • Remove low value trees.
  • Care for high valued trees with fertilization and pruning.
  • Removal of large healthy trees is not necessary at this time. If you are not sure about the health of ash trees on your property, contact S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists.

What are signs of an EAB infestation?
Telltale signs can include:

  • D-shaped exit holes in the bark
  • S-shaped tunnels under the bark
  • Vertical cracks in the bark
  • Sprouts around the base of the ash tree
  • Thinning canopy
  • Heavy woodpecker activity on the ash tree

Do I need to treat my ash tree?
It’s best to consult with an arborist. S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists employs more than 20 ISA Certified Arborists® who can help you diagnose or treat your tree. There are many reasons to save your ash tree(s), including increased property value, improved air quality, energy conservation, and maintaining a habitat for wildlife.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Options
We can help protect the ash trees on your property. Controlling insects that feed under bark has always been difficult. Chemical treatments are effective and can greatly increase the chances of ash tree survival. You can also download our EAB treatment guide (link to PDF), courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Our ISA Certified Arborists® are fully qualified to help you diagnose and treat your ash trees, or answer any tree questions you may have. If you suspect your tree needs EAB treatment in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the Twin Cities area, contact S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists right away.

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