Tree & Shrub Fertilization

One of the easiest cost-effective things you can do to protect your trees and keep them healthy is to have it fertilized by experts like S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists. Trees thrive in rich, organic forest soil, which doesn't always line up with the landscape ideal in most urban and suburban areas.

Why Do I Need Fertilization?
In forested settings, decaying leaves and other organic matter are vital to recycling needed nutrients back into the soil. When leaves and debris are removed from the landscape, the natural nutrient cycle is not being completed and nutrients are being robbed from the soil and therefore limited in the tree.

What are the Benefits of Fertilization?

  • Restores nutrients to the soil, thus promoting a more vigorously growing, healthier tree.
  • Helps expand the roots of your trees, creating more stability and increased vitality.
  • A healthier, stronger tree will be more able to resist any insects or diseases that may cause major damage to a weaker tree.

When you need tree and shrub fertilization in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, call on S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists. With a fantastic team of ISA Certified Arborists®, you can be sure that your trees and plants are in the very best hands.

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