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Consider Springtime Tree and Lawn Care Before the Season is in Full Swing in the Twin Cities, MN

March 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

It’s hard to trust Mother Nature in the Twin Cities, MN.

Technically, spring begins on march 20th, but when it comes to Minnesota weather, hard and fast guidelines don’t apply whatsoever.

This is the time of year when you can begin to think about all the springtime tree and lawn care decisions you can make.

Soon, your lawn will be fully exposed and you’ll be looking to boost your curb appeal as soon as possible.

Today we want to give you some early tips, some ideas to think about, and a few tree and lawn care strategies you can implement as soon as spring is in full swing.

Plant a tree

 Spring creates optimal conditions for planting a tree. You obviously can’t plant one during winter, and the summer months are often too harsh an environment to plant one.

Trees are the lifeblood of the world. They’re also beautiful and provide an added touch to your Twin Cities, MN, home. Consider working with an ISA-certified arborist to add a new addition to your home come springtime

Mulch during the tail end of winter

Budding too early creates health problems for trees during the transition from winter to spring. When the weather reaches higher temperatures too early, buds can begin to form, and if the temperature falls too low again it can stress your trees out.

This irregular growing pattern can affect the way your trees appear once spring is in full swing. You can use mulch to insulate your trees and keep their growth steady.

Tree and lawn care during the transition between seasons is tricky, but it can be dealt with effectively.

Create a lawn maintenance strategy now

If you create a tree and lawn care plan before you need one, you’ll be ahead of the game when springtime comes.

For your lawn, you can begin to use techniques such as fertilization and aeration early in spring to help it grow full and lush. You can also stay on top of weed control from the very beginning if you have the necessary supplies ready before spring.

Plan for a consultation this year

Have you considered using a detailed tree and lawn care strategy, but never actually gotten around to doing it?

Make this year different by working with our ISA-certified arborists and lawn care professionals this spring. We can review your Twin Cities, MN, property, survey the health of your trees and landscaping, and come up with a tailored plan to meet your needs.

For more information on tree and lawn care, please contact us at (651) 451-8907.

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3 Winter Pest Control Strategies for Twin Cities, MN, Homeowners

March 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Here at S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists, we love all things related to nature.

Our business was built on the understanding that every component of nature deserves equal care, including humans, animals, and plants.

Just because these three components coexist with one another doesn’t mean they always get along.

When it comes to your trees, there are certain pests that like to take advantage of them during wintertime. It’s not their fault. They’re just doing what they’re wired to do. That doesn’t mean you can’t take measures to keep them from harming your trees.

Here are some winter pest control tips you can use to protect your trees for the remainder of winter:

  • Border your trees – Pests such as voles, which are small rodents that resemble moles, will eat away at the bark of your trees when food is scare. They attack most often after a snow melt. If you create a border around your tree with wire mesh that goes a few inches into the ground, it can protect your trees from these small yet damage-inducing creatures.
  • Use deer repellent – As you know, deer have a way of making it into all sorts of different areas, like your backyard in the Twin Cities, MN, area. Deer also have a habit of feasting on bark, and this can cause severe damage to trees. Deer repellent can be effective for up to 3 months, making it a winter pest control technique that could last until springtime.
  • Mulch – Using a mulch border around your trees can also be an effective measure against attacks by hungry voles, rabbits, and other rodents. An application of mulch at least two inches deep should suffice.

Although winter pest control defends against less of a variety of animals than pest control during other seasons, it’s still an important measure of an overall tree care strategy to be considered.

Spring is just weeks away, and there’ll be a whole new set of tree care measures to take. Now’s a good time to meet with one of our ISA Certified Arborists® to discuss winter pest control for the present, and come up with a long-term plan for your Twin Cities, MN, home at the same time.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (651) 451-8907.

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Consider Landscape Design for Your Twin Cities, MN, Home When Spring Arrives

March 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Landscape design is one of those tasks that’s usually mentioned in the same breath as one of the following sentences:

That’d be nice.

I’ll have that done…eventually.

 I was going to get it done last year, but I didn’t have enough time to fit it in.

 Why not make this year the year it happens?

Spring will be in full bloom before you know it, so today we want to “plant the seeds” in your mind to get you thinking about landscape design and installation when the time comes.

All of our landscape designs are created custom to suit your needs.

If you’ve been thinking of making additions to your home, here are some neat designs to consider:

  • Fire elements – We can create beautiful fire pits or fireplaces for your Twin Cities, MN, home. Your uniquely designed fireplace will be great for time spent with family or friends on spring and summer evenings. It will boost your curb appeal and make your home the one to visit in your neighborhood.
  • Water elements – The flow of water has a calming and soothing feel. Add some Zen and tranquility to your home with a landscape design involving water such as a waterfall, pond, or fountain.
  • Pavers and retaining walls – Adding pavers to your Twin Cities, MN, home or business will definitely improve its aesthetic appeal. We can custom design a paver with intricate patterns that will be eye catching to every visitor. Installing pavers requires detail and care. It also requires decision-making. We can help you choose a design from the nearly endless options available. A retaining wall is another brick-inspired piece of art you can add to your landscape. Like paver installation, it requires a professional landscape design company with the knowhow to match your tastes with technical expertise. We’re confident that we can make the installation process as smooth and seamless as possible.

Understanding the Landscape Design Process

 Here’s how the process works: First we’ll meet with you to learn more about your needs, wants, hopes, and dreams when it comes to your landscape design. After we come to a solution that fits your tastes and your budget, we’ll develop a design for you to view before it’s installed. These designs will be carefully reviewed and approved before the installation begins.

Next, we’ll install your design. After the installation is complete, we’ll develop a plan to help you care for and maintain the design.

Throughout the process, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure that you’re nothing short of thrilled with the result.

Give us a call at (651) 451-8907 to learn more about landscape design, tree care services, or anything else you’re interested in!

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4 Ways to Recycle Wood With Tub Grinding in the Twin Cities, MN

March 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

Trees provide for our world in many unique ways. They give beauty and ambiance to neighborhoods, parks, and homes in the Twin Cities, MN. They literally provide life with their oxygen, and their wood supplies the materials needed for an endless list of items we use.

At S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists, we want to make sure your trees are healthy and beautiful. We also want to make sure that none of the wood they provide goes to waste. That’s where tub grinding comes in.

As you know, mulch provides numerous benefits for your trees. With tub grinding, we take the wood that might otherwise be discarded and use it to help other trees grow properly.

There are several situations where we can put wood from trees to good use:

  • Storms – After a severe storm hits in the Twin Cities, MN, large amounts of wood debris can accumulate. With tub grinding, we’re able to put that debris to use
  • Removed trees – Whether it’s an unfortunate infestation of emerald ash borer (which can be avoided with preventative care) or a tree that becomes too large for the area it resides in, removed trees can be a source of nutrients for other trees with tub grinding
  • Tree pruning – Tree pruning is one of the most beneficial tree care techniques you can use for long term care and growth. There will be debris from cut branches, which is yet another source of wood to reuse
  • Logging – Trees already support our lifestyle as humans, so we should take full advantage of what they provide. Logging operations produce large amounts of tree waste that can and should be reused with tub grinding

These are just a few of many situations where tub grinding can help recycle useful wood. Tub grinding is one of many tree care techniques Twin Cities, MN, home and property owners can utilize to make their tree situation better and promote environmental health at the same time.

If you’re interested in tub grinding services, want to learn more about our services, or schedule a tree care consultation, please contact us at (651) 451-8907.

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3 Underlying Principles of Tree Care Techniques Twin Cities, MN, Residents Can Follow Year Round

February 21st, 2017 · No Comments

If you’re a Twin Cities, MN, resident, you know to never trust the present weather as an indicator of the future. One day it can be 50 degrees without a flake of snow on the ground. The next it can be negative five degrees with what seems like an avalanche of snow covering everything.

When spring arrives, it doesn’t arrive fully for a while. You’ll have glimpses of beautiful weather and days where temperatures fall back to a near winter level.

The fluctuation in weather and the changing seasons puts stress on your trees. Regardless of the season, tree care techniques are important.

If you embrace certain principles when it comes to tree care techniques, you’ll know the best decisions to make for your trees. Trees face different challenges with different types of weather, but the underlying principles for keeping them healthy are similar.

No matter the weather, remember the principles behind all tree care techniques:

  • The action is below the surface – The root systems of your trees are their life blood. When applicable, you should fertilize to keep them healthy. It’s important to check for signs of damage by spotting stem girdling roots during the spring and summer. During construction, root systems should be mapped out carefully and dealt with accordingly.
  • Invest now, reap rewards later – Tree pruning during the dormant season will help your tree grow properly in the future. You won’t see the results right away, but you will when you see your tree hasn’t grown misshapen due to codominant leaders and weak branches. Ash trees can be protected with preventative measures against emerald ash borer. All actions protecting your tree in the future should be taken.
  • When in doubt, use an expert – Tree care techniques range from things you do easily yourself and tasks that only a certified arborist should perform. If you’re on the fence about a route of action, contact us to learn more about how we can help or set up an appointment for a tree care consultation.

The Twin Cities, MN, is beautiful in its own way year-round. The collective efforts of its residents increase the appeal of the neighborhood and provides a better environment.

Dedicate yourself to using proper tree care techniques this year and call us at (651) 451-8907 whenever you need a helping hand.

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Tree Removal in the Twin Cities, MN – 3 Telltale Signs Your Tree is at Risk

February 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Tree removal is necessary from time to time.

Unfortunately, no matter how well a tree is cared for, it can die. There are a few telltale signs your tree is in trouble, but they’re hard to see unless you have a trained eye.

During the winter months and dormant season, your trees will look anything but alive. They’re bare and don’t have their lush canopy of leaves. How can you be sure your trees are simply dormant and not suffering from something worse?

Our ISA Certified Arborists® can visit your Twin Cities, MN, home to consult with you and determine if tree removal is necessary, but first check to see if your tree has any of these 3 telltale signs of deterioration:

  • Leaf buds – Contrary to popular belief, healthy trees aren’t completely leaf free. During winter, healthy trees have small leaf buds protruding from their branches. These buds will grow into full form once springtime comes. If you can’t see any leaf buds, your tree might be in trouble and tree removal may be necessary.
  • Trunk bark – Tree bark on a healthy tree grows new layers of healthy bark in a cyclical pattern. During this time a year, you should be seeing new bark on the tree trunk. If there are cracks in the trunk, or your tree looks like it shed bark and hasn’t grown any new bark, it could be at risk. If you spot these signs please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Test with a scratch – What lies underneath the bark of your trees is another key indicator of their health. If you scratch the surface of a tree twig with a knife, you’ll see one of two results. Either the bark will show a bright green color, signaling health and vitality, or it will appear brown and dry. If you see the latter sign on multiple branches, your tree may be dying.

Each of theses tests are helpful in and of themselves, but a true test and inspection of the health of a tree can only be done by a certified arborist who knows exactly what to look for. Tree removal may be necessary, but there may also be other options.

If you spot any of these signs, please contact us at (651) 451-8907. Each tree is different, and we’ll come to your Twin Cities, MN, home or property to figure out exactly what to do for your specific situation.

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How to Find the Perfect Window of Opportunity for Tree Trimming Services in the Twin Cities, MN

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s safe to assume that if you’re a Twin Cities, MN, homeowner, you care about your home and its surroundings. After all, your home is likely your largest investment, so it would be odd if you didn’t care about it.

But even smart and conscientious homeowners like you can’t handle and remember every little detail.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about having tree care services performed, but they fell by the wayside with so many other tasks on your list. Part of our job at S&S Tree is continued education. Regardless of whether or not you ever do business with us, we want to make sure that you have all the need-to-know information available to you all year round.

We understand that information plus opportunity equals action. If you learn about our services at the right time—when the window of opportunity opens—and believe that we can take care of your trees, we can begin the process of making them as healthy as possible.

Today we want to highlight a specific window of opportunity for a particular service: tree trimming.

Why Now is the Best Time for Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be done any time of the year, but we want to share some reasons why now would be the best time.

Tree trimming is best performed during the dormant season, because the healing process is much easier during this time. Trees have their own inner workings just like humans. With tree trimmings, you make cuts that need to heal. Essentially, tree trimming during the warmer months causes them to “bleed” more.

Winter is also a great time for tree trimming because it gives your trees the structure they need to grow properly in the springtime.

Spring is growing season, so handling your trees’ structural needs in advance will give them a head start.

Winter weather can make tree trimming more difficult because your trees are covered in snow, but as the weather fluctuates, it can get warm enough to melt the snow and leave the branches exposed for proper tree trimming.

It’s during these periods that you really want to consider having the service done. It presents a nice window of opportunity before the next severe storms come. You can schedule a timely appointment and allow our ISA-certified arborists to get the job done swiftly.

If right now looks like a great window of opportunity for tree trimming at your Twin Cities, MN, home, pick up the phone and give us a call immediately at (651) 451-8907.


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S&S Tree Provides Tree Preservation Plans for Developers, Property Owners, Communities, and More in the Twin Cities, MN

February 9th, 2017 · No Comments

We’re in the thick of winter here in the Twin Cities, MN. Your trees go through a great deal throughout the winter due to severe storms and harsh weather. Even though winter may be their most taxing season, your trees go through many other periods of stress.

Their health requires care and maintenance, just like ours. How do us humans attempt to take care of our health? We do our best to plan for it. We try to exercise and eat well to take care of our bodies, have yearly physicals, and get flu shots in the winter.

We all try to make good and appropriate plans for preserving and sustaining our lives.

You can do the same for your trees. Tree preservation plans are an excellent way to get your finger on the pulse of the health of your trees and come up with a custom strategy to extend their life and prevent future damage.

 Tree Preservation Plans – Who We Serve

Tree preservation plans are a great tool in a variety of different circumstances.

If you’re in charge of a park in the Twin Cities, we can inspect each tree to come up with a plan for increasing the park’s aesthetics and dealing with the complex environmental issues involved in maintaining the park.

If you’re working on a new construction project or expansion that involves an area with trees, we can help you create a plan that mitigates damage to trees, complies with zoning laws, and can even help with writing contracts.

We work with several communities in the Twin Cities to provide tree preservation plans for entire neighborhoods as well.

Our tree preservation plans include the following:

  • Site inspection and analysis – Each property or area with multiple trees has a unique set of needs. Before creating a plan, our ISA Certified Arborists® examine the entire property to monitor each tree and the resources surrounding them.
  • Mapping – Root systems are complex. Our mapping technique helps establish zones within the root system to identify critical areas.
  • The Plan – After we inspect the property, conduct soil testing, and establish zones, we create a tailored plan for both short term health of trees in their current state and a long-term preservation plan. This comes in handy for expansions and construction projects. After the plan is created, we communicate with all relevant parties involved.

Whether you’re an engineer involved in new project, a property owner in need of assessment, or need important information for legal purposes, we’re here to help.

Spring is around the corner. Take the time to consider a tree preservation plan now and call us at (651) 451-8907 when it’s time to take action.

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Tree Consulting Services in the Twin Cities, MN Area – 3 Myths and Misconceptions About Trees and Winter Weather

January 18th, 2017 · No Comments

If you’re a homeowner in the Minnesota Twin Cities area, you probably take great care of your trees and landscaping.

Maybe you tend to your own garden during spring and summer. You certainly mow your lawn and keep it properly groomed, either by yourself of with the help of a professional like S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists.

Perhaps you already work with us during the spring and summer for a variety of tree care services like tree disease control, landscaping design, or fertilization.

We’re sure you know how important tree care and landscaping is during the summer, but you might have some misconceptions about what winter weather means for your trees and landscaping.

Today, the tree care experts at S&S Tree want to discuss some common myths and misconceptions surrounding winter weather. We provide tree consulting services year-round, and we’ll explain why we do.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Trees and Winter Weather

  • Your trees cease activity as soon as winter hits – Actually, the root systems can continue to develop until the ground is completely frozen. This means they can still benefit from services like tree fertilization in the early parts of winter
  • There’s no need for tree care during winter – The weather is cold and your trees are dormant, so you figure there’s nothing you can do for your trees. The dormant season provides the perfect opportunity for tree pruning, which is a key tree care technique for the long-term health of your tree. There’s a need for tree care during every season. Keep that in mind and consider tree consulting services to see how we can help your trees thrive
  • There’s nothing you can do to protect your trees during winter – You know that winter weather can have a harsh impact on your trees, and that insects and rodents use your trees for food and shelter. Did you also know there are techniques you can use to combat both? Dormant oils can help reduce the impact of insects, and there are sprays you can use to mitigate the impact of winter weather on trees such as evergreens.

Hopefully we’ve made our point. Just as a body has different health needs during different seasons, trees can always benefit from tree consulting services coupled with a plan of action to keep them as healthy as possible. Put the care of your Minnesota Twin Cities trees in the hands of our ISA Certified Arborists® for the best possible year-round care.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your trees, or wish to schedule an appointment for our tree consulting services, give us a call at (651) 451-8907.

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3 Compelling Reasons to Choose S&S Tree for Professional Tree Care in the Twin Cities, MN

January 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Facts are important.

At S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists, we pride ourselves on having a staff that knows the ins and outs of professional tree care.

All our techniques and strategies are based on a foundation of evidence, research, and science.

Since we know it’s important for our team to know the facts, we do our best to help Twin Cities, MN, residents like you know them as well.

Sometimes simple facts just aren’t convincing.

We know eating right and exercising keeps us healthy, but the facts alone don’t always move people toward a healthy lifestyle. We know it’s important to save money and take care of our finances, but that knowledge doesn’t prevent us from making poor spending decisions.

You know professional tree care provides numerous benefits, but is knowing the facts behind tree care enough?

We’re tree enthusiasts, and we want everyone to use professional tree care to keep their trees healthy year-round. Instead of talking about facts, we’re going to talk about more compelling reasons for working with us to provide professional tree care for your trees.

  • Your Reputation – If you’re a Twin Cities, MN, homeowner, you likely live in a neighborhood. Curb appeal is one of the major benefits of tree care, but the way your trees and landscaping looks goes deeper than the surface. We live in a world where appearance matters, otherwise you’d wear sweatpants to work. The way the outside of your home looks says something about you to the people who walk by. What do you want the outside of your home to say about you? You probably want it to show how much of a caring, thoughtful, and inviting person you are. A home with great curb appeal says all those things, and more.
  • Your World – Professional tree care helps your trees stay healthy. Healthy trees help the world. Your contributions to your trees aren’t just for you. They’re for future generations. They’re for our planet. The conversation around conserving our planet has come full circle. There’s no longer a debate about whether something needs to be done to keep our planet alive and thriving. Do your part by taking care of your trees.
  • Your Wellbeing – Picture two scenarios. First, you leave your home every day and get to look back at a home that has decent trees and landscaping. Second, you leave your home every day and see an immaculate tree along with eye-catching landscaping. Think of the cumulative effect of both options. Beautiful trees make you feel better.

It may be dormant season, but spring will soon arrive. We want to help you get in the right mindset to tackle your tree care in the upcoming season. There are things you can do now to help your trees, such as tree pruning, so give us a call at (651) 451-8907 today to learn how we can help.

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